Thursday, January 20, 2011

Personal Branding Trend #2 Homecasting by William Arruda

Homecasting is about making your home office a ready-to-broadcast studio from which you can communicate with colleagues and clients wherever they live and work.
In real estate listings, it has become common to see ‘HO’ for home office as a selling feature. In 2011, look for this abbreviation to grow to “HOS” for Home Office Studio. As more and more of us work from home at least part of the time, a separate home office has become almost as important as a bathroom!

And with the move to all things video, the home office will now become a ‘set,’ giving new meaning to the real estate term home staging. Home offices will be equipped with video equipment designed to ensure high quality audio and professional looking backgrounds for synchronous and asynchronous video communications.
Skype has been the basic mode of video connections for a long time. Recently, Cisco announced the more robust Telepresence for the home – called UMI. Homecasting systems will become less expensive, higher quality and more pervasive, highlighting the inferiority of email and telephone calls for communications of all kinds.

Home Set Home!

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I like to add a little Robin view on each of these trends.    I must say that this one is a no brainer, especially to my Partner Don at SteelID.  He is the developer, designer,  photographer and video podcaster lead on Project Fifty Two,a year long pursuit of commercial photography excellence.  Link on over to watch a fully integrated video/webcast by Don. 

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