Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.
Here is what you want to know....  I use my tenacious spirit, shockingly practical and intuitive nature with my technical prowess to fearlessly lead my clients to leverage and instigate building credible online identities and social communities for career success.

I have a mixed bag experience from multiple industries such as healthcare, finance, hospitality, retail and online media. I have worked in Corporate America, I have started and closed businesses.  I have developed a power team of experts around me to launch businesses and develop my own personal brand.  

 Top 5 Reasons to Work with Robin:                         
1. I am more passionate about your possibilities than anyone else on the face of the planet.

2. I live by the KISS theory, and I don't mean sloppy kisses all over you, I mean "Keep it Simple Silly", because what I do is the details so you can keep focused on your core purpose.

3. I am certified, through REACH Personal Branding, to work with you and use the BEST tools in the industry to extract, express and exude your 360 Brand Analysis.

4. I can craft a social media road map for you to POSITION and LAUNCH your brand with the social media communities to share your expertise and get in the online conversations.

5. I have the most BRILLIANT partner, Don Giannatti at SteelID to build a professional integrated design package for yourself or your services or business.

We all have Unique brand attributes and differentiators.  Contact me to learn more about how we can develop your Social Media and Personal Branding Solutions.