I have a desire for knowledge and I go about getting that knowledge through getting certifications in courses, reading, taking tests or quizzes and by scanning online sites.  I took some time to compile a list of “Robin Reads” book list, some online quizzes/tests “Robin’s Tools” as well as a list of social media sites “Robin Recommends”.  My hope is that these resources will help guide you through a journey of knowledge in Branding, Social Media, Web and Project Management should you have an interest in these areas.  

I will only endorse products or services that I have experienced firsthand and feel comfortable promoting. I would never endorse something I haven’t used. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding my resources let me know.

Robin Reads
See my Amazon recommendations on the home page and I will also add some details about the books shortly to help you understand the value of the books.

Robin’s Tools
Figure out your “Goggle Quotient” by using the Reach Online ID Calculator 
Take the Reach Personal Branding Quiz

Robin Recommends (GREAT DOMAIN AND WEB HOSTING site - based on price & service) and (BEST VIDEO DISTRIBUTING sites) (CONTACTS ORGANIZED – Push content from one medium) (BEST PHOTO SHARE site) (BEST PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL NETWORKING site) (BEST MICROBLOGGING site) (BEST COMMUNITY SOCIAL NETWORKING site), and (BEST PUBLISHING sites) (BEST ONLINE DISCUSSION tool) (BEST STOCK PHOTO IMAGES, video and audio site for web/blog imagery)