Saturday, June 18, 2011


Here are 5 simple things that you can do today to strengthen your personal brand:

1. State your value in one sentence.
2. Create a personal pitch.
3. Maintain your online profiles.
4. Utilize social media to associate with the right people. 
5. Showcase your brand with video.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diane Rogers Launches her Personal and Business Brand Online

A six month process has blossomed into a clear and consistent brand and online id package for Diane Rogers.  I am proud to showcase her amazing journey from digitally disastrous to digitally distinct with the support of my partner at SteeliD.

Connect with Diane and help her build a successful online network.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issues Makes Its Digital Splash

Sports Illustrated hit the mark with their video content and social media strategy launching this week. 

Social Media Strategy

Exclusive content is also the theme of SI’s social media strategy for the swimsuit issue. Just like it did last year, the company is going to be live streaming events all week, starting with an interview with the chosen cover model where fans can ask questions, and moving on to coverage of a red carpet event in New York City and a series of events in Las Vegas later in the week.

Making Swimsuit a Year-Round Brand

To an extent, social media has allowed SI to make the swimsuit issue more of a year-round experience than it has been in the past. Its Facebook page, for instance, includes a travel blog that documents SI models’ travels around the world and has them periodically answer questions from fans on video. Its Twitter page is a stream of updates about the magazine, behind the scenes photos, updates from editors and retweets of models like Brooklyn Decker.

This year, the publication is hoping to take things a step further by giving the apps value that lasts beyond the initial release of the issue by adding new content throughout the year to its and including features like the SI Swimsuit Twitter stream in its mobile apps. Says Ben Kaplan, SI’s social media manager, “[We’re] bringing the experience to the fans as much as we can. We want Swimsuit to connect with users 24/7.”

SIM will also be politely inviting those who downloaded the iPhone app last year to upgrade, a move the company hopes will lure more users into the more immersive 2011 experience and keep them coming back for the swimsuit issue –- in digital or print form –- year after year.

via Adam Ostrow, read the full story on Mashable

Adam Ostrow is a new media entrepreneur, consultant, and commentator. As Editor in Chief at Mashable, Adam is responsible for the editorial management and direction of one of the most widely read blogs in the world, covering the latest technologies, trends, and individuals that are driving the current evolution of the Web.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Virgin Mobile Meets Lady Gaga

Power Brands using each other on Facebook to grow audience.  Virgin is hoping to capture some of Lady Gaga’s 27.7 million facebook fans with a cool Facebook content.

At the moment, about 40,000 people “like” Virgin Mobile on Facebook, but the brand hopes to hit 1 million by the end of the year using a tie-in with Lady Gaga.
On Monday, Virgin Mobile is launching a contest to find 10 official bloggers for new dates in Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour. To enter, bloggers are encouraged to send a short video to Virgin Mobile Live’s Facebook page displaying their “best work.” Then the public votes via Facebook. Every submission will be housed on Facebook and will require a “like” to be submitted.
read full story, via Mashable by Todd Wasserman

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Personal Branding Trend # 11 - Google Gatekeeper

William Arruda from Reach personal branding shares his personal branding trends for in 2011.  This trend – Google Gatekeeper – College admissions officers are using Google to decide who gets in. Will your google results help or hurt your prospects of getting into your university of choice?
Good grades and high SAT scores won’t be enough to get you into your college of choice. In fact, according to a November 2010 study by Kaplan, 9% of business schools, 15% of law schools, and 14% of medical schools are already using social networking sites to help evaluate students during the admissions process.
Digital dirt or a lackluster online brand may close the ivy-covered gates where there’s fierce competition for limited enrollment. This trend will increase in the coming years, making online personal branding almost as important as academics to those aspiring to attend college.
With Google – the new reference check – being part of admissions process, high school guidance counselors will have to get up-to-speed on personal branding and all things Web 2.0. There will be courses to help them understand how to build stellar online profiles and special services focused on this market to ensure students’ online brands support their higher education aspirations.
If you are currently filling out college applications (or your children are), time spent building your brand in bits and bytes may reap the ultimate reward – an acceptance letter from your school of choice.

Working with can position your Top 5 Google preferences, as well as purchase your name in Google, I would also take the time to update your Google profile, here is mine as an example: