Monday, February 14, 2011

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issues Makes Its Digital Splash

Sports Illustrated hit the mark with their video content and social media strategy launching this week. 

Social Media Strategy

Exclusive content is also the theme of SI’s social media strategy for the swimsuit issue. Just like it did last year, the company is going to be live streaming events all week, starting with an interview with the chosen cover model where fans can ask questions, and moving on to coverage of a red carpet event in New York City and a series of events in Las Vegas later in the week.

Making Swimsuit a Year-Round Brand

To an extent, social media has allowed SI to make the swimsuit issue more of a year-round experience than it has been in the past. Its Facebook page, for instance, includes a travel blog that documents SI models’ travels around the world and has them periodically answer questions from fans on video. Its Twitter page is a stream of updates about the magazine, behind the scenes photos, updates from editors and retweets of models like Brooklyn Decker.

This year, the publication is hoping to take things a step further by giving the apps value that lasts beyond the initial release of the issue by adding new content throughout the year to its and including features like the SI Swimsuit Twitter stream in its mobile apps. Says Ben Kaplan, SI’s social media manager, “[We’re] bringing the experience to the fans as much as we can. We want Swimsuit to connect with users 24/7.”

SIM will also be politely inviting those who downloaded the iPhone app last year to upgrade, a move the company hopes will lure more users into the more immersive 2011 experience and keep them coming back for the swimsuit issue –- in digital or print form –- year after year.

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