I inspire people to think independently, hone their own radical visions, and inspire others in turn.
HOW you ask?
I use my tenacious spirit, shockingly practical and intuitive nature with my technical prowess to fearlessly lead my clients to leverage and instigate building credible online identities and social communities for career success. 

My professional work is part coach, mentor, personal brand manager, facilitator, journalist, innovator, project manager, and influencer. I am not a wet behind the ears twenty-something advisor, I am a knowledgeable and savvy professional at the top of her game.

So let me break it down for you......
Social Media | Personal Branding Solutions
I am a Brand Navigator and Interactive Strategist Partner at SteelID, I guide you through a brand discovery process to uncover your unique promise of value, find out what differentiates you from your peers, and help you link your brand to all that you do in a consistent professional package online. 

My clients are categorized as:
  • Intrepreneurs, Professionals in organizations looking to extend their corporations brand and POSITION their Unique brand attributes internally and with external peers.
  • Solopreneurs, breaking out on their own to build consulting firms or speaking engagements ready to CONNECT their brand with other experts and showcase their individual services.
  • Entrepreneurs ready to LAUNCH their personal and/or business brand to market their products or services.
Let me know how I can help you.  We can discuss your dreams and create an opportunity to present your brand online.

Email me or just pick up the phone and call 623-826-0270.