I am fortunate to work with Visionary leaders in Healthcare and IT.  An example of a recent success story is the Personal Branding of an Executive in Healthcare IT.  Here case study and packaged services are detailed below.

Judy Van Norman - INTREPRANUER
International Healthcare Executive in IT
Judy is a Visionary leader in Healthcare IT.  She has worked in Healthcare Corporate America for years and is now moving International with a Healthcare IT company.  She is considering launching her own consultancy and speaking services in the future.  Learn how Robin Bramman, helped Judy unearth her Unique Personal Brand attributes to begin POSITIONING herself as a GLOBAL knowledge leader in her field and present a consistent online presence.  

Client: Judy Van Norman
Profession: International Clinical Healthcare Executive in IT
Years Practicing: 20+
Judy was looking to extend her Executive Leadership brand with her new employer and position herself as a consultant and public speaker for the future. Here is how Robin Bramman and Partner SteelID enabled this remarkable woman to brand herself as a visionary leader on many online platforms.

Why Judy HIRED Robin Bramman and
Being a Visionary leader, Judy is an opinion leader and has a robust knowledge base on clinical healthcare informatics and transformation and wanted to raise awareness and share her knowledge and resources online, extend her corporations brand and position her own Unique Brand in those networks for future consultancy and speaking services. 

  1. Judy needed to unearth her Unique brand attributes to position her Personal Brand Statement for consistency.
  2. Judy was interested in presenting a professional presence online that would POSITION her personal brand attributes.  
  3. Build a consistent Online Brand presence.
  4. Engage in the social network platforms with other online healthcare leaders.
  5. Connect to her Colleagues and Friends while overseas.
  6. Extend and enhance her employers brand through her professional packaged online presence. 
Unearthing her own Personal Brand, Packaging her Online Presence, Sharing her Knowledge and Networking on multiple Social Media platforms

Judy was leaving a Large US multi-state Healthcare System to join a Global Healthcare Information Technology company with one month to complete a packaged online presence.   
Judy needed to better understand her perceived brand persona in order to position her personal brand appropriately online.  Judy only had a presence on one social networking site, LinkedIn.  

Judy did not have any professional images of herself to use to present herself online.  Judy did not have the knowledge of how to package all of the brand, web and social media sites with integrated design.  

Judy’s future vision is to leave the corporate world and start her own consultancy and speaking engagements as well as author a book.  Judy is a known expert in her field and wanted to share Global Healthcare Trends, introduce new technology offerings in Informatics, share images of her travels overseas, connect in social media sites to other healthcare leaders and share knowledge positioning her as a Visionary Healthcare Technology and Clinical Informatics leader. 

Robin Bramman Brand Consulting and SteelID Solutions:
-Personal Branding Coaching and Strategic Brand Online Identity Implementation
-Professional Photo Shoot
-Social Media strategic communications plan and editorial calendar
-Website and Blog development
-Social Media sites implementation: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr