Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal Branding Trend #6 - Web Purity by William Arruda

Do you have a common name? Is it clear which google results are about you?

Combine the growth of online social networks, the ease of creating your own Blog and omnipresent internet connectivity, with the pressure to be online looking for jobs, connecting with friends and available to collegues and you can see that the web has become a really crowded and noisy place.

Watch Williams video for more on Web Purity

I have wrestled with my google results over the last year as I began to look at what was showing up when I checked online for my name Robin Bramman. I have learned that you can and should be working with reputation management companies to position your most relevent information at the top of the list. I agree with William in using companies like

I would also take the time to update your google profile, here is mine as an example:

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