Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal Branding Trend #3 - VIDmail by William Arruda

Email is so last decade. Good riddance because email is one of our weakest forms of expression. Words only account for about 7% of a communication and words are pretty much all we have to work with email. As video becomes easier to create and distribute, it will eventually replace the ubiquitous text-based email that we’ve been using for about 30 years.
Look for changes to existing email software and new products to support this evolution from text to video.

VideoBIO currently allows you to put your videoBIO in your email signature. And there are new companies and offerings springing up such as Talk Fusion that make it possible to easily build and send video email, or VIDmail. Look for more of these services and emails integrated with text, images and video.

Traditional email will be enhanced with video. Are you ready to send video email that best represents your personal brand?

Robin Recommends:
I have scheduled my videoBIO for February and although I know that it is just a talking head, it is the beginning of my video creation plans. I also think video podcasts and audio clips will be winners over text, as I prefer to see and hear over reading long text.


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