Friday, October 8, 2010

Social Media Campaign of the Century - Top 10 Funniest Old Spice Guy Responses [VIDEOS]

Isiah Mustafa, the "Old Spice Guy", made heads turn all over the social media networks.  He Tweeted, Facebooked and YouTubed his way to fame.  Even my 10 year old son made his own Old Spice video that you can see from my Facebook site. He wants to be "The man you wish your man could smell like"? and he wants me to purchase the old spice products now. He also is watching the career of Isiah Mustafa to see what is possible with your own brand. If a 10 year old boy gets it, than shouldn't we?

If you have not had the opportunity to view the videos, here is a group of the Top Ten from Mashable by Author Samuel Axon:

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